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28 May 2019 Administrator

The concept of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is one of the attractions that property developers are selling in the South Jakarta region. TOD was used as an approach in developing cities that adopted mixed spatial planning and maximized the use of mass transportation such as Busway, KRL, LRT, and equipped with pedestrian or bicycle networks. 

"The direction of infrastructure development is following the target of developing Smart Sustainable City, which were being worked on by the central government. So, from these facts, one of the alternative investment options is ready to move in apartments that carry Transit Oriented Development (TOD) concept," said Achmad Setiadi , Managing Director of PT Pardika Wisthi Sarana as developer of Woodland Park Residence Kalibata, Monday (1/22/2018). 

Achmad said that, in line with national economic conditions which are expected to grow above five percent this year, the property industry will also continue to grow. This year, investment in the property sector is still an attractive investment instrument. "It because profits from property continue to increases every year, plus rental yields from 6 percent to 8 percent per year," said Achmad. Speaking of TOD as a selling power, Achmad added, he was not worried that the political year would hinder sales. On the contrary, with the location that not far from the TOD, the apartments, which are marketed starting at Rp. 900 million, are "sexy" due to its location which is directly across the shopping center and "an inch" with Duren Kalibata KRL Station, it is integrated with Transjakarta and airport shuttle to Soekarno–Hatta International. 

"Apartments are still needed by the community as an alternative housing with its practicality, strategic location and prices that more affordable compared to a house," Achmad said. 

With the percentage of apartment projects supply that now reached 3 percent per quarter or 12.3 percent per year, according to Achmad, there is a possibility that the demand for apartments will increase further in the future and the selling value of apartments will continue to rise given their growing needs. Pompi Ardana, Head of Marketing Communication of PT Pardika Wisthi Sarana said, for the development of investments in unit owners, his company working together with Homtel as a property rental management for short-term rental needs such as daily, weekly and monthly rentals. 

"So, anyone can use his apartment unit to become a hotel standard so that it is possible to consistently get passive income," said Pompi.